Press Release: Kaplan Law Offices, P.C. settles car accident case for $250,000 1

Press Release: Kaplan Law Offices, P.C. settles car accident case for $250,000

After four years of litigation, Kaplan Law Offices, P.C. settled another six-figure case for
a client that was involved in a four-person car accident.
The accident happened on October 9 th , 2015 near the 73rd mile marker along the Jane
Addams Memorial Tollway during rush hour. 
The Plaintiff was sitting in her vehicle in the right lane waiting for police officers to
arrive to the scene after she rear-ended another vehicle. There was no shoulder at this point on
the Jane Addams, as construction barricades left only three open lanes.
The Defendant was traveling in the right-hand land behind Plaintiff. The Defendant
noticed Plaintiff’s vehicle too late, and as he swerved to the left, he collided with another
vehicle, then ricocheted into the back of Plaintiff’s standing vehicle.

The Plaintiff suffered serious spine injury, triggering a hospitalization stay and three
surgeries over the course of a year after the accident.
“There were a lot of unanswered questions as to what happened, as the Plaintiff was
rendered unconscious from the force of the collision” said Alex Kaplan, lead attorney for
Plaintiff and the principal of Kaplan Law Offices, P.C.
“There was different testimony whether my client had her hazard lights activated;
whether the Defendant was distracted and did not see the Plaintiff’s vehicle until it was too late;
whether Defendant failed to slow down and reduce his speed to make a proper lane change to
avoid the accident. The facts of the case were a blur,” said Kaplan.
“We were not sure if we could meet our burden,” Kaplan explained. “We had to hire a
reconstruction expert, who looked over the deposition testimonies of multiple witnesses to opine
when the Defendant should have seen my client’s vehicle standing in front of him. That made all
the difference.”
“I’m proud of the reputation that our firm has earned,” said Kaplan. “This is another
example of our attorneys, staff, and experts going up and beyond for our clients.”
Asked how his client was feeling with the settlement, Kaplan said, “We can’t take away
her pain or discomfort; we can’t change the past. But our hope is that this settlement will give
her a little more relief in the future.”