Press Release: Kaplan Law Offices Secures Six Figure Settlement For Ukrainian National 1

Press Release: Kaplan Law Offices Secures Six Figure Settlement For Ukrainian National

Northbrook, ILL — Monday, May 16th, 2019

Kaplan Law Offices, P.C. has secured a six-figure settlement on behalf of a Ukrainian national who was run over by a car while crossing Dempster Street in Des Plaines, Illinois.

On November 5, 2018, “Tatyana,” (the victim’s name has been changed to protect her privacy) was crossing Dempster Avenue, at the intersection of Leahy Circle, in Des Plaines. She was struck by a vehicle, causing severe internal injury.

The trauma to Tatyana’s head has rendered her comatose.

Tatyana was rushed to Lutheran General Hospital in Des Plaines, where she remains in a non-responsive state.

Tatyana was in America on a tourist Visa to visit her sister, who is a naturalized U.S. citizen. Tatyana did not carry any medical insurance in America or Ukraine. Tatyana’s status as a tourist in America does not qualify her for governmental assistance to pay for the extensive medical bills.

“This is a unique case, because we find an overlap between personal injury and immigration law, which we rarely see,” said attorney Alex Kaplan, who represents Tatyana and the guardian of her estate.

“Our first problem was to establish that the driver of the car was liable. Not an easy task considering our only witness – Tatyana – was not able to testify to what happened. After considerable amount of effort, some jostling and cajoling, the driver’s insurance carrier tendered the full policy amount. This poor woman was already victimized by the driver of the car, and I wasn’t going to let the insurance company victimize her again,” said Kaplan.

Tatyana has been hospitalized since the date of the accident, incurring substantial medical bills. “The valiant doctors, nurses, mental health care professionals, and counselors at Lutheran General have gone up and beyond any expectation,” said Kaplan.

Despite needing constant attention, Tatyana’s condition is stabilized, even as she remains non-responsive. “The guardian, after consultation with Tatyana’s family in Ukraine, determined that it would be best to have Tatyana transferred to a facility in her home country that can care for her,” Kaplan reported.

The cost of international medical transportation can be in excess of $50,000, only adding to the medical bills. “After an exhaustive meeting last week with Tatyana’s doctors and nurses, medical ethicists, clergy, and attorneys, the hospital generously agreed to pay the cost for transporting Tatyana to a proper medical facility in Ukraine,” said Kaplan, who attended the meeting on behalf of the guardian of Tatyana’s estate.

“We are grateful, relieved, and humbled to the doctors, nurses, and the whole support staff of Lutheran General” said Kaplan after the meeting.