Steps and Substeps for How to Select the Right Attorney for Your Car Accident in Northbrook IL

Steps and Substeps for How to Select the Right Attorney for Your Car Accident in Northbrook IL

By: kaplanlaw July 26, 2023 2:41 am

Steps and Substeps for How to Select the Right Attorney for Your Car Accident in Northbrook IL

After the shock and stress of a car accident, finding the right attorney to handle your case can feel like an uphill battle. You’ve never been through this before and knowing where to start is hard. Picture yourself pouring over pages of legal jargon, trying to make sense of the terms and conditions, while simultaneously dealing with insurance claims and medical bills. It’s not a position anyone would want to be in, and it’s at this point that you realize the importance of due diligence in selecting a car accident attorney.

It would help if you had a legal expert who would understand your unique situation, advocate for your interests, and guide you through this complex process in Northbrook, IL. With the right help, you can make this overwhelming situation manageable. So, where do you start? Here are the steps to take.

1. Understand Your Needs

1.1 Assess the Severity of Your Accident: Different accidents require different legal expertise. If it’s a minor accident, you might not need an attorney. For a serious accident, finding a specialized attorney is critical.

1.2 Identify Your Goals: This could be compensation for medical bills, vehicle damage, or lost wages. Knowing what you want can guide your search.

2. Do Initial Research

2.1 Start with a Broad Search: Look for attorneys specializing in personal injury and car accident cases in Northbrook, IL. You can use online search engines, local directories, or the Illinois Bar Association website for this.

2.2 Ask for Recommendations: Reach out to friends, family, or colleagues who have hired car accident attorneys before.

3. Create a Shortlist

3.1 Review Websites and Online Presence: Look at their professional websites, LinkedIn profiles, and social media pages to understand their areas of specialization, experience, and style of operation.

3.2 Check Their Reviews and Ratings: Look at Avvo, Martindale-Hubbell, or Google online reviews.

3.3 Consider Their Experience: They should have considerable experience handling car accident cases, and ideally, they should have experience with cases similar to yours.

Initial Consultation

4. Initial Consultation

4.1 Arrange a Consultation: Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation. Please take advantage of this to meet them and discuss your case.

4.2 Prepare Your Questions: Ask about their experience, their assessment of your case, their communication style, and their fee structure.

5. Consider Compatibility and Communication

5.1 Assess Their Interest in Your Case: The attorney should be genuinely interested in your case and helping you achieve your goals.

5.2 Assess Communication Skills: Good communication is critical. The attorney should be able to explain complex legal jargon in a way you can understand.

6. Financial Agreement

6.1 Understand Their Fee Structure: Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay if you win your case. Make sure you understand the percentage they take and any potential additional costs.

6.2 Get it in Writing: Once you’ve agreed to the terms, get everything in writing, including the fee structure, services included, and any potential extra costs.

7. Make Your Decision

7.1 Trust Your Gut: You should feel comfortable with your chosen attorney.

7.2 Inform Your Chosen Attorney: Once you’ve decided, inform your chosen attorney promptly.

Remember that hiring an attorney is an important decision, so take your time and ensure you’re completely comfortable with your choice.

Due Diligence is Essential

When it comes to selecting a car accident attorney, due diligence is crucial. It’s important to do your research beforehand to avoid negative consequences that could arise from hiring the wrong attorney. For example, you might end up with an attorney who lacks experience in car accident cases or who has a poor track record of winning cases. This could result in lost compensation or even a loss in court. To ensure that you make the right decision when selecting a car accident attorney, take the time to research your options and ask plenty of questions.


Here are some reputable legal organizations in Northbrook that may be useful for verifying the credentials of potential attorneys:

  1. The Illinois Bar Association:
  2. The Cook County Bar Association:
  3. 5. The American Bar Association:

These organizations may provide additional resources and information to help readers make informed decisions when selecting a car accident attorney in Northbrook.

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